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Larry's Birthday Buck

Folks often wish us luck when we go hunting. We always accept, because you never have too much luck. Well, we cashed in on a lot of that luck on Saturday, October 2, 2010, my birthday, when we harvested an impressive buck together. Larry and Marcia posing with Larry's birthday buck We thought you might get a kick out of watching these videos from Midwest Whitetail. 1st video |  2nd video |  Blog post by Bill Winke Enjoy your outdoor experiences, whether it’s hunting, birdwatching, photography, or just a walk through nature. Any opportunity to spend time outdoors is a gift. Larry and Marcia PS: We have been enjoying the harvest with family and friends. It is hard to beat...

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Kyle Simmons and His Trophy at the Iowa Deer Classic

I want to make sure you all know that, amongst hundreds of big Iowa bucks, Kyle Simmons and his new state-record archery non-typical trophy will be present at the Iowa Deer Classic this weekend! Kyle will be splitting time between our Zach Wildlife Art booth, where a trophy replica will be displayed, and the Hunter’s Specialties booth, where the original rack will be shown. Make sure you stop by our booth so I can tell you about the upcoming Dream Bucks III painting featuring the Kyle Simmons buck! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="381" caption="Customized version of the North American Whitetail magazine cover"][/caption] (And, just for fun, see if you can tell the difference between the real rack and the replica.)

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Part I: The Kyle Simmons Buck

This post is Part I in the series: Behind the Scenes of Dream Bucks III. This series of posts chronicles the development of my upcoming painting, Dream Bucks III, the third and final piece in the Dream Bucks series. Click here to see all posts about Dream Bucks III. Good news! The third and final painting in the Dream Bucks series is on the easel and in progress. I am hearing from many of you how excited you are to see this latest deer painting, so I will be working to post regular updates on the progress of the piece as it evolves. I will also share “behind the scenes” details on the inspiration for the painting and on the...

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