Winter Cover Ringnecks Winter Cover Ringnecks

Winter Cover Ringnecks

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1987 Iowa Pheasants Forever Print of the Year

One morning while my wife and I were visiting her parents near Clarion, Iowa, I woke early to find that the previous evening’s snowstorm had blown over and we were going to have a cold, clear sunrise. The temperature was –25 degrees F as I scraped the frost off the pickup windshield and headed to a nearby marsh for a sunrise photo session. My bare fingers felt like they were being pierced by needles and I had to keep my camera inside my down jacket when not shooting just to keep it functioning. I did get some great shots including material I needed for the background to Winter Cover – Ringnecks.

Unlike myself, the roosters were way to smart to be out in the cold that early in the morning. I had to add them later in the studio from other reference shots collected on a warmer day.

In central and northern Iowa where good wildlife cover can be at a premium, cattails in wetlands can provide lifesaving cover during severe winter storms. Thanks to a lot of hard working people in conservation groups like Pheasants Forever, more of the much needed habitat is being provided. I feel honored to be able to help these people raise funds for use in their local county.

- Larry Zach


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