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Heading for Cover - Whitetail

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Heading for Cover features two impressive whitetail bucks that lived in southern Iowa. This painting captures a scene that Midwesterners can remember of an old farmstead. Something has startled the deer in the scene and two does are fleeing, thus the title,Heading for Cover. The buck in the background is known as the “Birthday Buck.” Larry harvested this buck on his birthday, October 2, 2010.His wife, Marcia, was with him on the hunt and captured video of it. What a thrill for both of them!  Video of this hunt can be seen online at

The buck in the foreground is also a buck that actually lived, but unfortunately, it was found dead by Larry on his farm in southeast Iowa . He had seen it live and was hoping to experience a memorable hunt with it.




Master Canvas

SN Edition: 95 canvases @ $395  
AP Edition: 15 canvases @ $445   
Image size: 30x20

Classic Canvas

SN Edition: 250 prints @ $195     
AP Edition: 25 prints @ $245       
Image size: 22x14.75    

Classic Paper

SN Edition: 450 prints @ $145     
AP Edition: 45 prints @ $175       
Image size: 23x15.3 

Encore Canvas

Open Edition: $159 (framed)
Image size:     17.25x11.5
Framed size:  23.5x18




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Welcome from Larry

"A lifetime of hunting, fishing, conservation work, and nature study has provided me with a wealth of outdoor experiences and images. My intent as an artist is to share these with others."
              - Larry Zach