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Foggy Morning Whitetail - The Lovstuen Buck

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Foggy Morning Whitetail-The Lovstuen Buck is the second print in the Zach, “Foggy Morning” series. It follows Foggy Morning Trio-Wild Turkey. Each print in the three print series will include three gobblers, Canada geese, and either a shed antler or rack from the Lovstuen buck in a foggy morning setting. The third print will feature Canada geese. Foggy Morning Whitetail-The Lovstuen Buck features the famous Albia buck with his final rack. After years of attention from the whitetail world, this tremendous buck was finally taken by 15 year-old Tony Lovstuen on September 29, 2003, with a muzzleloader during Iowa’s special youth season. Shed antlers from this tremendous buck were found by Steve Angran and his son Kyle while turkey hunting in April, 2001. These are the sheds I used in the painting, Big Country Bucks. Public knowledge of this buck grew when it was featured in an article titled Walking World Record in the February, 2002, issue of North American Whitetail magazine. The existence of the buck and rumors surrounding it had been the topic of local discussion for some time. With the publication of the article the whole whitetail world was abuzz. For three years three cousins, Steve Angran, Doug Lovstuen, and Mark Murphy, hunted this incredible buck first working against each other, then finally working together as a team. The incredible story surrounding this buck and the quest to harvest him, along with more than two dozen trail camera photos, is documented in a fascinating book, Quest for the World Record, by Bill Winke. The book is available through Zach Wildlife Art. The “Foggy Morning” series has been very popular among collectors. Because the series features different species, including the impressive world record buck, the paintings have attracted hunters, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts.


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