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Foggy Morning Trio - Wild Turkey

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The Story Behind Foggy Morning Trio—Wild Turkey…

Fifteen-year-old Tony Lovstuen of Albia certainly had the thrill of a lifetime when he took a world record buck during Iowa youth season on September 29, 2003. Larry had first captured this infamous buck in his 2002 release, Big Country Bucks, which was based on the buck’s 2000-2001 rack. One of his sheds also appeared in the previous whitetail painting, Big Timber Bucks.

The "Foggy Morning" series consists of three paintings, each one featuring a different species of wildlife. All three paintings show some sign of this world record buck. Foggy Morning Trio—Wild Turkey, the first image in the “Foggy Morning” series features three mature gobblers on the edge of a spring woods as the rising sun burns through an early morning fog. An old Farmall tractor and a few aging buildings are all that remain of a farmer’s forgotten dreams. May apples are thriving and trees are just starting to leaf out. A giant shed antler from the 2001-2002 rack of Tony’s world record buck dwarfs the May apples. A lost turkey call provides a perch for a house wren while a pair of bluebirds search for a nest sight and a pair of Canada geese wing past. 


Master Canvas

SN Edition: 100 canvases @ $425 (*SOLD OUT)
AP Edition: 25 canvases @ $495 (*SOLD OUT)
Image size: 30x20

Classic Paper

SN Edition: 1850 prints @ $145
AP Edition: 185 prints @ $175 (*SOLD OUT)
Image size: 23x15.25

Encore Canvas

Open Edition: $149 (framed)
Image size: 17x11
Framed size: 23x17.5

Decorator Canvas

Open Edition: $99 (framed)
Image size: 7.5x11
Framed size: 17.5x13.5

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"A lifetime of hunting, fishing, conservation work, and nature study has provided me with a wealth of outdoor experiences and images. My intent as an artist is to share these with others."
              - Larry Zach