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Cornfield Buck

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Cornfield Buck is Larry Zach's first limited edition print. With an edition size of only 500, it has become quite collectible and is one of the most difficult Zach prints to purchase on the second-hand market.

"Sometimes the less an artist puts into a painting, the more powerful the impact of the painting can be. That was the concept I had in mind when I designed Cornfield Buck. The entire painting is comprised of a close-up of a buck, some foxtail and a few corn stalks.

I designed the painting late in the winter. By the time I realized that I needed some corn stalks for reference for the painting the few remaining patches of corn I could locate were stripped of leaves by strong winter winds. I finally found a secluded food plot near the Johnson County farm where I was raised as a child. I wrapped half a dozen stalks in a tarp, tied them to the top of my little Dodge colt and drove them the 100+ miles to my home/studio in Ankeny.

I surprised myself with the final result and even today enjoy the strength of the simple design." 

- Larry Zach


Classic Paper 

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Image size: 21x15 
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