1999 Iowa Habitat Stamp 1999 Iowa Habitat Stamp

1999 Iowa Habitat Stamp

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"When I designed the 1999 Iowa Habitat Stamp I first painted the two roosters and the foreground. While considering options for the background I happened across an image of Old Rivals II. I decided to use the same setting including the same two bucks, but give it a slightly wider perspective and change it to a snowy, winter scene.

The main subject in the 1999 Iowa Habitat Stamp, the ring-necked pheasant, was introduced to Iowa about 1900. Though originally from Asia, it has since become Iowa’s most important gamebird and Iowa is one of the top pheasant harvest states in the nation. Pheasants thrive on Iowa’s rich farmland as long as appropriate habitat is available. Severe winters and very cool, wet conditions during spring and early summer can cause population declines.

Pheasants prefer to nest in hayfields, oat fields, pastures, idle areas, wetlands, and road ditches. Delaying mowing of pheasant nesting cover can greatly improve nesting success. Tall grasses and forbs without overhead woody canopy are preferred roosting cover and help birds retain body heat at night. Brushy areas with a minimum of ground cover provide a safe daytime loafing area with protection from predators. They also allow the birds to sun themselves on clear winter days.

During blizzard conditions pheasants need tall dense cover that can block drifting snow and provide cover to reduce windchill. These cover blocks need to be large enough so they don’t completely drift in and should be near winter food sources.

In 1979, the habitat stamp program was started in Iowa to raise funds for upland and wetland habitat acquisition, with half of the money going to the state and half to county conservation boards. Programs include establishing native grasses, food plots for wildlife, and farmstead shelterbelts. Since its inception, over 22,000 acres have been purchased and developed as wildlife habitat with state funds. All sportsmen and sportswomen who wish to hunt in Iowa are required to purchase an Iowa Habitat Stamp."

- Larry Zach


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