1998 Iowa HabitatStamp-Quail 1998 Iowa HabitatStamp-Quail

1998 Iowa Habitat Stamp - Quail

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"I chose bobwhite quail, one of Iowa’s native upland game birds, as the subject for the 1998 Iowa Habitat Stamp. Though Iowa is at the northwest edge of the bobwhite quail’s range, quail at one time was common in all parts of the state and may have even increased in numbers after settlement. Currently, bobwhite is primarily found in the southern two or three rows of counties in Iowa. Unfortunately, there has been a gradual but steady long-term decline in quail numbers, apparently in response to the loss of the brushy habitat they prefer.

For the stamp design, I also decided to include red cedar, one of Iowa’s native conifers. I’ve planted thousands of this hardy evergreen on my farm. The fleshy and berry-like cone provides food for a number of songbirds and rodents while the tree provides year-round shelter for a wide range of wildlife, especially in the winter. Whereas whitetail deer will destroy an uncaged pine that I plant, red cedar survives the deer browsing that they usually get late in the winter. Red cedar in Linn County is nearly 450 years old and maybe the oldest tree in the state.

In 1979, the habitat stamp program was started in Iowa to raise funds for upland and wetland habitat acquisition, with half of the money going to the state and half to county conservation boards. Programs include establishing native grasses, food plots for wildlife, and farmstead shelterbelts. Since its inception, over 22,000 acres have been purchased and developed as wildlife habitat with state funds. All sportsmen and sportswomen who wish to hunt in Iowa are required to purchase an Iowa Habitat Stamp."

- Larry Zach


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