Larry Zach Wildlife Art

1984 Iowa Duck Stamp

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For years a friend of mine encouraged me to enter the Iowa Duck Stamp competition. Finally, in 1983, I completed an entry for the 1984 stamp competition and entered. As fate would have it I won! Until then being a wildlife artist was only a fantasy. After winning the competition I decided if I was ever going to make the dream a reality, now was the time. My luck, hard work, and perseverance paid off as I won a number of competitions over the next few years. By 1990, after 18 years of teaching science, I resigned from my teaching position to start painting full time.

The 1984 Iowa Duck Stamp edition was eventually closed out and has since become quite collectible and difficult to find. It is a simple design featuring a pair of woodducks sitting in the water accented by a few silver maple leaves.

- Larry Zach


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"A lifetime of hunting, fishing, conservation work, and nature study has provided me with a wealth of outdoor experiences and images. My intent as an artist is to share these with others."
              - Larry Zach