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1995 Arkansas
Turkey Stamp
1995 Arkansas Turkey Stamp

1995 Arkansas Turkey Stamp

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The rising April sun burns through the morning fog illuminating three gobblers on a flower covered, hardwood ridge. Last fall’s buck rub reveals the territory of a large whitetail buck. Only a shadow betrays the presence of a great horned owl. Spring beauty, dog-tooth violet, bloodroot, and Dutchman’s breeches bloom on the forest floor while redbud and service berry color the under story. This is the setting for the 1995 Arkansas Turkey Stamp.

Though released as an SN edition of 1500, the number of limited edition prints sold by the ordering deadline was somewhat less. Ensuing collector interest has helped this print become the most collectible of the Arkansas Turkey Stamp print series to date.


Classic Paper

SN Edition: 1500 prints @ $140 (SOLD OUT*)
AP Edition: 150 prints @ $140 (SOLD OUT*)
Image size: 9 x 6.5 

*Call for secondary market prices and availability