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1997 National Wild Turkey Stamp

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Larry Zach was selected to design the 1997 NWTF stamp. Zach’s design catches a flock of eastern wild turkey on a woodland ridge. Their iridescent feathers shine in the early morning sun. Sweet William, May apple, and redbud are in full bloom while morel mushrooms emerge through last fall’s fallen leaves.

The NWTF Stamp program was started in 1976 to help raise funds for the National Wild Turkey Federation and their many projects. There are now 5.4 million wild turkey in the United States, thanks to the NWTF, its members, partners and the state wildlife agencies.

The National Wild Turkey Federation was founded in 1973. It is a national nonprofit conservations and education organization dedicated to conserving wild turkeys and preserving hunting traditions.

The 1997 National Wild Turkey Federation Stamp features a group of turkey's on an early spring morning. Larry was selected by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) to create this painting design for their 1997 stamp.


Classic Paper

SN Edition: 1600 prints @ $140 (SOLD OUT*)
AP Edition: 160 prints @ $140 (SOLD OUT*)
Image size: 9 x 6.5

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Welcome from Larry

"A lifetime of hunting, fishing, conservation work, and nature study has provided me with a wealth of outdoor experiences and images. My intent as an artist is to share these with others."
              - Larry Zach