Golden Eagle Portrait Original Golden Eagle Portrait Original

Golden Eagle Portrait (Original)

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I love checking trail cameras because I never know what I will find. One of my biggest surprises came when checking cameras set over boned-out deer carcasses in January 2014. I'd shot a couple of does just before the end of the late muzzleloader season and within 24 hours a bald eagle was on one of the gut piles. I decided to set three cameras at various angles over the boned-out carcasses to see if I could get some eagle shots. Once I started checking the cards I was amazed to find not only bald eagle shots but also over 700 shots of a mature golden eagle competing for the same food supply! Golden eagles are mainly a bird of the western states being rarely seen in the east. In 70 years I've only seen them a few times in Iowa. In "Golden Eagle Portrait" I've tried to capture the essence of this incredible predator.

Original Painting

Image Size: 8" x 10"


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