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Old Rivals III (Open Edition Print)

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Deluxe framing includes double mat, glass, nameplates, and solid wood frame.

Old Rivals III, the third in the "Old Rivals" series features two bucks that were Iowa’s #1 and #2, non-typical, Pope and Young whitetails at the time. Amazingly, they were taken in consecutive years and only fifteen miles apart.

The Hobart buck, in the background of Old Rivals III, was taken by Mike Hobart in Madison County, Iowa, on October 23, 1993. Mike took the big non-typical while hunting over two huge scrapes he had found a week earlier along the edge of a standing cornfield. During the second day on the stand, twenty to thirty turkeys exploded from the cornfield in front of him. Soon afterward a nice 10-point buck showed up in the timber behind the stand. Mike tried to call in the 10-point, but he didn’t respond. A few minutes later a doe stepped out of the corn, walked past his stand and into the woods. Then, a huge buck stepped out of the corn on the doe’s trail. The buck followed the doe’s trail and eventually presented a shot for Mike. A spine shot dropped the record buck in his tracks. Scoring 229 5/8 non-typical, it has a 10-point typical frame netting 180 points, and eleven abnormal points adding another 49 5/8 inches. Amazingly, it was Iowa’s #1 non-typical bow kill for less than thirteen months.

On the afternoon of November 12, 1994, Russ Clarken of DeSoto, Iowa, had the bowhunt of a lifetime. On that day, Russ looked down the Dallas County ridge he was hunting to see a doe coming his way. Behind the doe was the huge buck he had been hunting. Only 6 days earlier, on November 6, Russ had videotaped the same monster buck along with several other deer on an adjacent property. Now, the big non-typical was following a doe toward his stand. Before Russ could get a shot, the doe, which had worked past him, started snorting and alerted the buck. Eventually, two gobblers, which had apparently alarmed the doe, walked past and Russ was able to make a good shot through an opening in the woods as the buck passed at twenty-five yards. The buck was later panel scored at 231 7/8 non-typical, with a 180+ class, 10-point typical frame and eleven non-typical points.

Two classic cars from the 50’s, a 1957 Chevy two-door hardtop, and a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria, are also featured in Old Rivals III. Also left behind on the abandoned farmstead are two old tractors, a John Deere and a Farmall. Other rivalries include different tire manufacturers, soda companies, oil companies, state universities, good luck symbols and many others.

A pencil study titled Clarken Non-typical was released simultaneously with Old Rivals III so they could be purchased as a matching-numbered set.


- LZ