Part I: The Kyle Simmons Buck

This post is Part I in the series: Behind the Scenes of Dream Bucks III. This series of posts chronicles the development of my upcoming painting, Dream Bucks III, the third and final piece in the Dream Bucks series. Click here to see all posts about Dream Bucks III.

Good news! The third and final painting in the Dream Bucks series is on the easel and in progress.

I am hearing from many of you how excited you are to see this latest deer painting, so I will be working to post regular updates on the progress of the piece as it evolves. I will also share “behind the scenes” details on the inspiration for the painting and on the famous buck that is now the subject of aspiring hunters’ dreams.

The Kyle Simmons Buck

The featured buck for Dream Bucks III is a deer taken with a bow by Kyle Simmons in Jackson County, Iowa on Oct. 16, 2008.

This world-class buck is truly special and, I believe, a perfect subject for my Dream Bucks painting series.

Kyle Simmons’s hunting season was certainly a dream come true, as this was his first buck taken with a bow!

Dream Bucks II - The Missing Trophy featured the monster buck taken by Brian Andrews in 2003. At 253 1/8 inches, that deer was the state record non-typical archery buck for five years – until Kyle Simmons’s buck , scoring 270 6/8 (green), entered the scene and knocked the previous title winner off the podium.

You may have already read the story published in North American Whitetail magazine about Kyle Simmons’s trophy and the hunt that lead to success. If you haven’t, don’t worry, because I’ve embedded the story below for your reading pleasure!

North American Whitetail - Kyle Simmons Buck - Zach Wildlife Art custom version

I recommend reading the article in full-screen mode. Just click "Fullscreen" above the top of the article.

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  • Hilda

    I want to thank everyone for the pivtiose comments on my locked bucks I shot!! I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and yes I think this will be very hard to beat. I have hunted even harder after I shot these monsters this season and still have yet to see a monster like this one..Thanks again and wish everyone the best. I will have the bucks at the iowa classic in Des Moines at the end of Febuary if you want to see them in person, Thanks, Jim.

  • Ericka Moelter

    @runly1 Bravo…. I have been previously a journalist pertaining to 25 years, same below. But I do possess one of those blaaaghs to dump stuff that couldn’t be sold, mainly because editors don’t even remedy their send or maybe they purely don’t pay…

  • Whitetail Deer

    WOW!! What an amazing buck. Congrats Kyle!

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